Janattha Motion Pictures

Who We Are

Janatha Motion Pictures is an innovative production company specialized in the artistic creation of all kinds of movies, short films etc. We have worked and collaborated with numerous renowned artists, reputed brands and famous production companies across the audiovisual market. Our team includes a wide array of talented gems such as creative directors, scriptwriters, cinematographers, producers, editors etc. who are highly professional and ingenious beholding our unique excellence in every realm of storytelling, script writing, shooting, editing etc. 

With years and years of experience, we could transform the simplest idea into a full-fledged reel on the silver screen. From an idea to a complete movie, yes, we provide pre-production, production and post-production services by all means. It is our passion to aesthetically execute ideas that will induce a powerful impact on audiences. We are obliged to offer quality Malayalam movies that establish and hold true to our core values. In this era of pivotal changes, when the Malayalam Film Industry is getting acknowledged for its wide spectrum of experimental movies and concepts, we need films that can make one think and inspire in good ways.

We believe in creating masterpieces that would stay close to all hearts and be remembered forever!